Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The New Faces of Team Crow's Ear

     First and foremost, I owe all of you a heartfelt apology for not having updated my blog in practically eons!  Truth be told, my life has been nothing short of chaotic (in a good way) and has not allowed me the time to really sit down and reflect what has been taking place.  After Jersey Fresh, I was headed to Business School at the University of Richmond which was a tremendous learning experience and as time unfolds, it has proven to not only be educational, but potentially lucrative as well.  One of my classmates, Kyle Greenfield, and I had come up with an idea for a class presentation and let’s just say that this small class project has now transformed into our new business, BrushFire Media Group.  In addition to Kyle and I, my dad along with a few of his peers have delved into our online social network business plan and it’s really started to take shape.  How exciting!  We all need a way to pay for our expensive habits, be it gold clubs or shoes for our four legged friends!

     This brings me to my next point of interest:  the two newest additions to Crow’s Ear Farm.  The first is The Pilot (aka “Bob”) who is owned by myself, Carolyn Jolley, and Lady Anna Weir.  Carolyn and Lady Anna were generous enough to send Bob over to me from New Zealand (where my Fro came from) and since the beginning of July, a tremendous love has grown between the little chestnut and myself.  It was a big turning point for me because I refused to use any of Frodo’s bridles or gear until Bob came, and when I slipped the bridle over his ears, it fit eerily perfectly, without one hole needed to be adjusted!  I guess you can say that it was meant to be!  I am so thrilled to have Bob apart of my string and I thank Carolyn, Lady Anna Weir, and his previous rider, Natalie Page, a young up and coming advanced NZ rider, tremendously for allowing me the opportunity to sit on such a talented little kiwi!

     My next new mount is owned by a student of mine, Samantha Silver.  Verraux (sorry Sam, I always spell his name wrong), or “V” as I call him, is a young TB that Sam had took on as a reject from the KY race tracks.  She has done all the training on him and wanted to see what he could do as far as in the realms of eventing so we both decided that I would take on this wonderfully talented gelding.  So, as the fall unfolds, be ready to see me on some LOVELY horses!     

     Al and Seajack are coming back from some much needed long vacations (as well as myself, as my boyfriend and I spent most of July vacationing on both coasts) and we all are ready for the rigors and victories the fall season has to bring.  Additionally, mom and I are moving our other youngsters, Peewee and Guppy up to training level after having completed a few novices with ease this summer.  Needless to say, I am going to have a very busy and fulfilling fall season.  

     I am also extremely excited to announce a new sponsorship that will be supporting the Crow’s Ear horses. Triple Crown Feed in accordance with Southern States will now be supplying Team Crow’s Ear with all of our nutritional needs and I am so thankful to them for their support.  

      I also was very pleased to have been invited to teach at the Deep Run Hunt Pony Club Summer Camp a few weeks ago.  Before this clinic, my experience in teaching the youth had been meager.  However, I discovered that these kids were just as focused and gutsy as myself, and despite for a few less than ecstatic ponies (whose mind’s we changed at the end), the clinic turned out to be a success for both ends.  I really feel fulfilled when the education dynamic in a clinic is a symbiotic one: while I was teaching the kids how to drop down banks and gallop through water, I too was learning a different set of teaching skills that helps to shape only the best of clinicians!     

     So now with the fall season looming ahead, my focus is set on the fall three days for three of my mounts which will be a tremendous amount of work and time considering that I’ll be campaigning five to six horses.  Luckily, I will have help with the arrival of my new working student, Abbey Meyer.  Abbey is a young rider from Wisconsin who is seeking to move up to prelim with her horse Chaz.  Because of the location of her farm and lack of experience, she is finding the move up to the next level a little difficult and is seeking for some aid and in advice, in addition to learning the ropes of international eventing, which I am more than eager to give to her!  I hope that she returns back home with as big a smile as she has driving highway 64 in approach to Crow’s Ear Farm!

     Furthermore, I need to take time to address just how well my students are doing.  My mom and Jessica Bowen have successfully been competing their young mounts at novice level and they too, hope to move up to training come this fall.  A few new students, Bethany Astorino and Lauren Wilkins (now married) have come to me seeking help, and like sponges they've soaked up all my advice and taken into the ring and come out victorious!  Rachel Hinson, who bought Seajack’s full brother IBackJack (our second of our homebreds), has really skyrocketed up the levels in the jumper ring to consistently be clear and competitive in every class she enters!  My dressage queen, Celia Rafalko just recently won her Dover medal at her last show at Second Level which is a huge accolade.  My other, recently converted DQ, Carol Strauss has begun her First Level career with a bang as she has won all but two of her classes on her mount!  Needless to say, I am very proud of my girls!

     With that said, I must bid you adieu as I am at Panera about to school in one of my students at their dressage show.  However, I promise to be more vigilant when it comes to keeping you guys updated and like always, I appreciate all of your support and time when reading my highly detailed blogs!  Until next time, shoulders back, chin up, and kick on!  See ya in the start box!