Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30th at 11am in the ICU wait room

Laine continues to progress well. Yesterday was hard on me because the nurses are gradually lowering Laine's sedation so if I went to kiss my daughter's precious forehead or hand she would wake and struggle to get up. It is a horrible situation to watch your own daughter caught between the zones of medication and reality.

Laine goes for surgery on her jaw thank God today. She is third patient in the OR room so time is still up in the air as to when she actually goes. I am ancious to see my girl's face afterwards. Her jaw will be wired shut and they are putting a trachea tube in so ventilating will be more effeicient and easier for her to withstand. Her lungs are doing so much better ....I am so THANKFUL for her combative spirit. That's John Wayne stuff right there. Michael and I will update her surgery later today when she gets wheeled back to her ICU slot. My girlfriend of 30+ years is the designer and "keeper" of Laine's website so she will be sure to post it immediately. I can't even start to thank ALL of you for your e mails, calls, cards, gifts, and mostly PRAYERS for my daughter's recovery.....I love each and every one of you and all your efforts are paying off. There is NOTHING more precious than your own child. NOTHING.

Which brings me to our boy Frodo Baggins. Briefly, our devastation will be felt for YEARS TO COME. Laine's partnership with her boy will never be equalled. He is gone. We have only memories. While I was running this morning I thought of how in shock not only I am in but my family around me that he is even gone. When I drive home to Crow's Ear Farm and see my black beauty is missing from the famous "Jamie field" and stall will be another whole round of heartache and void that both Laine and I will endure. Laine's partner gave her confidance. So much is now gone for my beloved daughter. I am extremely concerned as to how and if she will even pick up the broken pieces and continue on with her eventing carreer. It will be a choice and decision only she can make. I have deliberately NOT mentioned Frodo on our website because Laine DOES NOT KNOW about his dimise. When she was first flighted into emergency on Saturday Laine's hands were bound but she was able to finger out the letters F_R_O_D_O on her sheets......I protected her from the truth and said Katie her incredible groom was taking care of him. Katie thank God, was the only one with him and said he remained our 'champion' even till the end. So please, until I can find the right moment to grapple the strentgh and tell Laine.....let's keep this "mum's the word". I need your continued support on this. I do believe this task, will be one of the most difficult ones for me to carry out.....and nurse along for the months and years ahead. I THANK ALL OF YOU.


the OR room is unavailable today due to emergency priorities. Friday will be our targeted date. Laine is having a tracheoscomy as I write to better her ventilating and possible breathing on her own. I will update later tonight or tomorrow regarding her procedure today.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laine’s Medical Update – Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 – 11AM

This morning we are pleased to see more incremental progress with Laine’s lung injury. While she remains on the ventilator, she is beginning to take some breaths on her own. Her vital signs are also improving. Her fever, while still high, is down to a less critical level. Her blood pressure, which has been running low, is beginning to rise up to a more acceptable level and her blood oxygenation saturation is very good (meaning that her lungs are performing their primary function of distribution oxygen and eliminating carbon dioxide). She still has three chest tubes inserted that allow for the release of pressures and draining of excess blood in her chest cavity. Her right lung, which was the one most badly damaged, has effectively resealed itself and is now leaking only minimally.

Once the respiratory function is stabilized, then we can start to deal with the myriad other injuries. Top on that list is resetting Lainey’s broken jaw. That surgery is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, although that is subject to change. Her jaw bone was completely severed near the chin line with a secondary break higher up near her facial plate, just below the right ear. All surgery is risky; and more so in Laine’s case given her fragile state.

At this point we’re not looking too far beyond the jaw surgery. We’ll keep the reports coming as we learn more. In the meantime, we’d like to thank everyone once again for all your heart felt prayers, emails and cards. When Laine does regain full consciousness she’ll enjoy reading them.

On A Personal and Lighter Note: I would additionally like to add that Laine has been particularly uplifted to hear that Karen O’Connor and her coach and ‘big brother’ Buck have called expressing their concern daily and are wishing her a speedy recovery. Karen asked me if there was ANYTHING she could do to help out….I paused…and then asked her if she was going to Jersey Fresh ***. She responded saying “this is about the Eight St. James Trophy isn’t it”? I said yes. She said it is as good as done! So now dear friends this is what we have. Buck and Karen entered in the 3 star. One trophy. A well dusted area in our farm’s trophy cabinet. And the words “bring it on” from Karen to Buck. The rest will be history.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart for all your countless prayers and expressions of love for my baby daughter. Sincerely.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Laine's Medical Update - Monday, April 28th – 1PM

Laine’s condition is improved as of this afternoon although she is still listed as critical. Our first concern is still her damaged lungs and restoring adequate respiratory function to them. We are happy to report improvement on that front; although Laine is still breathing with the assistance of a ventilator. Once her lungs are more fully stabilized, she will be going to the operating room to have her broken jaw reset. Given the degree and complexity of the fracture, it is going to be a difficult operation. So, that is our next big hurdle. Other than that, Laine is resting comfortably and showing slow but consistent signs of improvement. Again, thank you for all of your prayers and well wishes. They seem to be working.

Laine's Medical Update - Sunday, April 27th - 7PM

It’s been one long and enduring day after Laine's terrible fall on Rolex's cross country course and we are encouraged by her progress. For those of you who know Laine, you know her amazing tenacity and drive that will be the saving attributes for her recovery. But, first, the good news! Actually, the very good news is that Laine did not suffer either brain or spinal injury. What she did suffer were multiple broken ribs, a badly broken jaw, broken clavicle and scapula. The most critical being her collapsed lungs. The primary focus of the medical attention is on reviving Laine’s compromised respiratory function. Laine is currently breathing with the assistance of a ventilator. This is necessary because of her fractured ribs and the pain associated with filling her lungs to a healthy capacity.
Laine made good progress today, although we have been forewarned that this recovery cycle can be a roller coaster.
I can not convey enough how precious all your incredible well wishes and prayers have been. I feel we are all in this together which makes my shoulders not buckle so much. I love all of our riding friends who have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure Laine knows how loved and missed she is.
It’s these difficult times that bring all us closer together.
Valerie Ashker

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lainey's Accident

Laine was severely injured in the cross country course at the Rolex Three-Day event in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday, April 26, 2008. She was riding Frodo Baggins when the fall occurred. Laine was immediately airlifted to the University of Kentucky hospital where she remains in stable but critical condition in ICU. She suffered a broken jaw, a broken collar bone, and multiple fractured ribs.

The family asks that you remember Laine in your prayers. Her blog will be updated daily with her progress so please check back here for news of her condition. You can also read her blog directly (with RSS feed) at