Friday, July 25, 2008

An Update from Lainey

Hey everyone. Long time no speak. My mom has been much more responsible as far as updating the blog but its time I take over the reins on this one. Everything has slowly been progressing forward. Two weeks ago, right after I returned from California, I took alex cross country schooling at one of my favorite places, Wingreen, which is located in orange, va. Alex was phenomenal, jumping everything I pointed him to which really allowed my confidence in his talents to soar. I know in my heart he has four star abilities...its a matter of whether or not he has a four star heart that my fro and James exuded so diligently. A few days after I schooled al, I took a group of students out and schooled my homebred, Seajack. Seaj has always been known for his quiet attitude and steady disposition and he certainly didn't disappoint. He jumped everything I steered him to which really made me feel proud to know that although my love if my life frodo has left, his two comrades are eager to help fill the void be left in my heart. Soon thereafter, mom and I took our 4 year olds to deep run for a xc school. I rode our homebred, peewee, who I have tremendously high hopes for, and mom rode guppy, our newbee off the track who definitely isn't a slouch at crows ear farm. Both performed really well so I'm excited for these two boys bright futures. Maybe I'll have two more to add to the string for fl next year? Hmmm....not sure, that very well may be up to dad, depending on how many clinics I teach this fall.

On a more personal note, my body is healing well. The doctors appointments are becoming less frequent. However, few imperfections resulting from the accident have yet to be fixed. My dentist, dr. Talton, is trying to devise a way to avoid further surgery to my jaw, because my bite has indeed healed a bit off. Not that I blame the trauma team in ky, my life was at stake so of course they had to hastily repair my jaw. Also, my one tooth's root is exposed so I will be a candidate for a gum graph in the near future. Something totally unrelsyed to the accident, my tonsils, are scheduled to be extracted on the morning of the 6th of august. Since I was a little girl I've dealt with the pains of tonsilitis so I figured what better time to get them yanked? I wish we could just put all my doctors together and in one fell swoop do all three surgeries consecutively but unfortunatley, the doctors won't do this. Perhaps they're starting to think I'm a sucker for pain? Maybe....

My plan for a sept show schedule still stands, which is a big reason for getting these surgeries out of the way. I plan on doing mostly local shows, starting with Seneca valley riding alex in the open prelim division. Keep in mind, my coach is still in England training as an alternate for the US Olympic team, so upon his return, my plan will be finalized.

I feel lucky that although I didn't get to go to hong kong this year, I was fortunate enough to experience it last year along with my coach in the Olympic test event, where I rode al. If I could give any advice for our team, get as much sleep on the plane, pack a kit of jackets ( anywhere indoors in hong kong immediatley thrusts you into a state of hypothermia), and drink tons of water. I'm sure buck is dispensing his advice regarding hong kong as our team trains at capt mark Phillips yard in minchinhampton, England. Well, I wish our team, whoever gets the chance to go, the best of luck. Although I wish I were with them physically, I know they all carry my hope and faith, along with the rest of you horse addicts on their shoulders. Until next time, grab mane and enjoy...


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Interview With Lainey

Here's a link to another interview with Lainey. This one's from NBC 12 in Richmond, Virginia.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Here's the Video!

Hello Ashker fans!
Here is the KCRA Channel 3 link to view the "Olympic horse rider recovers from injuries" interview from Deirdre Fitzpatrick hosted in Sacramento, CA this week. You may get onto the site and get the video by using this web address:
Hope you enjoy!
I will be putting some x-c school pictures up shortly as we ride so you can see the progress we are making with our Crow's Ear Farm crew!
As soon as NBC Channel 12 Richmond, VA puts up their interview next week I will add that one as well.
Until then stay healthy and happy and keep cool! I believe the hot weather is following all of us!!!
take care,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento, CA

will be airing Laine's report TODAY, Thursday July 17th at 5pm! If it gets shifted to another day due to our President visiting wildfire areas, it will be moved to this Friday. Additionally, it will be on their web-site of hope all of you enjoyed yesterday's NBC Channel 12 in Richmond, VA! It was a lovely piece and Laine's phone was text mania after it aired! That too, can be seen on under Olympic athletes.If I hear more details I will certainly let all of you know.Until then, keep smiling! Life is good.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Laine's Interview

July 17th

I wanted to let all of you know that THIS Wednesday, Channel 12 on NBC will air Laine's interview at 5:30pm (or a few minutes after). We had such a wonderful time filming baby Seajack jumping through the grid we set up and Laine sitting tall and confidant smiling all the way through the jumping session! Joe Sullivan was most impressed with Laine's attitude and 'come back kid' spirit, not to mention his astonishment when seeing our barn mascot, ET!

James the cameraman was such a perfectionist placing the camera in different spots so backgrounds and light would be most beneficial. It was a lovely experience and I think all of you will enjoy seeing Laine's progress.

We declined the ESPN interview due to the chance it might be turned into a negative light with the loss of our precious partner Frodo.

I will update all of you when I hear from NBC Channel 3 Sacramento, CA as to the date when Laine's interview there with Deirdre Fitzpatrick aires.

until then thank you for all your support.....we continue to rally forward from your kindred spirit and prayers.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back From California!

Hello Everyone!
Laine and I went to CA for a family visit which was wonderful! Being with my family and dear friends was incredible and so therapeutic for us both. We are progressing slowly with their help and support.

I wanted to give all of you a head's up on an interview with Laine on NBC Channel 3 out of N. CA. I believe it will be aired either the end of this week or next. When I get specific dates I will record them on this site. Also NBC Channel 12 out of Richmond, VA will be doing an additional interview along with ESPN shortly. Everyone is concerned on Laine's progress and a lot of admirers have been calling up stations and magazine journals to be updated and made aware of her future efforts. Heck, I even got interviewed! So keep close to this site and I will let you know dates once they become known.

Laine continues to march forward. Slowly. She gave 2 cross country lessons today and it made her feel like she was getting back into the swing of activities. Both riders wore smiles from ear to ear leaving today and her other lessons have been equally pulling away with new found skills to better their rides. It is so valuable to be a teacher AND a rider....and pull out the very best of both. Laine does that so very, very well. It is her passion to leave students with homework so they can aspire to be more educated equestrians. There has to be challenge and focus. Let's say, Laine is like a MiniMe Buck, but in a young female version (little sister would probably be most appropriate!) Buck has taught Laine to be the rider she is today. Sharing what she has learned with other riders is a bonus. I feel Laine is finding some degree of growth and comfort....a step moving forward from these lessons, which is a blessing and relief in itself.

Laine's jaw could be a problem down the road. Her bite is off and the dentist wants to file down her teeth in different areas to re-align them as close as possible to their original position. I am not sure if this will remedy the problem but we hope so before we go further into another jaw surgery. She also has a huge knot on her back from the broken clavicle causing her muscle tightness and tension. It has a bit of a humpback appearance and we are trying massage therapy and heat to get it loosened up. It's a slow creep forward from all her injuries but it will all come together and they will be issues of the past.

Laine is asking me if I am starting dinner my friends I will write back as soon as I know upcoming interview dates.
I can feel all your hope and prayers around me and that is why I am a strong woman and mother.
Thank you.