Monday, November 19, 2007

Remembering Eleanor

As I sit here typing on my phone and reminisce about the past month my mind is sent into a vast whirlwind. Fairhill ended up with the results I have always longed for: a position in the eyes of the us selectors.

Not slowing down, I took alex to rubicon to hop over a prelim course before the two star in Ocala, where he performed effortlessly and won with flying colors. Driving down to Ocala was a long and tedious pilgrimage but nevertheless proved to be a fruitful and gratifying experience when al came 6th and we finally got a a qualifying result at the two star level. On a sadder note, a fellow competitor and close equine comrade, eleanor brennan was killed in an accident going xc which also took her horses life, mister barnabus. Her death has effected not only my morale, but also the morale of the eventing sport as a whole. Although I do believe our course designers are doing fantastic jobs of fabricating safer courses, I believe as riders and endorsers of this grueling sport, perhaps we should take a step back to put things in perspective. Eleanors and barneys (her horse) deaths will not go in vain. We as competitors need to find a more innovative way of protecting our younger equine and human athletes. Eleanor is survived by her loving mother, cristine and her younger sister isabel, both of whom are horse lovers. With my highest respects, I send them my condolences during such a traumatic and gruesome time in their lives. Eleanors 4 star horse, bailey zwei, passed earlier this year so I know now she has been reunited with her long lost equine partner. I love eleanor and will deeply miss seeing her illuminating smile and contagious cheery attitude at all the events. Until next time, be safe, and give your ponies a few extra carrots for me!