Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frodo the Magnificent

There are horses and courses throughout the land,

Theres riders and sideliners who would give you a hand,

There are horses with heart, that stand apart,

There are riders and friends, who would give you their heart,

This poem is about one, who stood alone,

Her passion to ride her horse was her home,

They traveled to lands across the sea,

It was Lainey and Frodo the best there could be,

They ran down the trails, they jump far and true,

It was two into one, always coming through,

The hours of training, the long days they worked,

Their dream of victories, despite the hurt,

From one state to another, they graced the lands,

And horse a rider with guiding hands,

Their love for each other, so tried and true,

No matter the obstacle they would never be through,

Then a terrible day that turned light into dark,

A moment of uncertainty that would pull them apart,

There were days filled with tears, Life and death far and near,

Then by the grace of God and the thousand of prayers,

Lainey opened her eyes, we knew God was near,

Lainey has been blessed, by God above,

The prayers, the letters, thousands of emails all about love,

Home with her Mother, home with her Grandma,

Out of the hospital, a lot less trauma,

If you ever meet her, you’ll know her game,

She’s guts and glory, and Frodo’s fame,

The end of this story, is the beginning of a dream,

You see Lainey and Frodo still are jumping clean,

For she now has a spirit that runs above,

Frodo looks down on his Lainey and love,

For he’s Frodo the Magnificent, the horse that was so blessed,

It was Lainey and he that flew by the rest,

This isn’t the end, and certainly not the past,

This is a love story that always will last,

To my beautiful niece,

Love Uncle George XOXOXO