Monday, August 30, 2010

Planning to Plan

As responsible individuals, we are constantly formulating a plan that suits our lifestyle and goals. As event riders, we also know all-too-well that life rarely goes as planned. Yea, that's kinda the story of my life right now. From my hunt to find the perfect barn suitable for my horses and I to train, to selling a horse that is literally next to perfect, to even my iPhone that frequently "goes on a vacation," well I guess you can say, I am currently weighing and utilizing ALL of my options! Yet again, another life lesson learned...

First things first: how are my ponies you ask? They couldn't be better. Al is finally back into tip-top form after his two month long hiatus from work, and is loving the extra attention from his doting mother (and awestruck fans). I competed him this weekend OP at Loudoun horse trials (his first show back since Rolex) where he finished with a second place and plenty of room between us and the rails! Oh Al...when are you going to jump according to the level you're being shown instead of thinking EVERYTHING is four star height? I guess that's a good problem to have! As far as my fall season goals with Al, well...there's a plan A...followed by a plan B....followed by a plan C....and so on and so forth. All I can say for sure is that our entry to Boekelo has been confirmed by both the American and Dutch Federations, so now all we need is a grant! Easier said than done...BELIEVE me!

The rest of the boys are doing well. Guppy has now added three more clear prelim xc runs and ribbons to his astounding show repertoire and will soon be aiming for a CIC* in the fall with hopes to move up to the big "OI" next spring. Seajack has been consistent as they come, finishing third on his dressage score both times out at prelim and will soon be looking to move back up to intermediate come the end of september, depending on my schedule with Al. I must congratulate Kristen Gore for purchasing Seven's Wild (my favorite mare), previously owned by my student Lauren Axelle, and is currently wowing the novice judges and bringing home the ribbons!

As far as the rest of my life....well, that too is subject to change. When I am not riding, searching for a barn to board or rent, teaching, working on Brushfire, cursing my crazy iPhone, or torturing myself with P-90X (thanks dad!), you will either find me in California climbing mountains covered with rocks and shaded by deciduous pines on horseback with my mom, driving my car early in the morning to teach out in Chesterfield (Sugarfree Red Bull in hand), or just plain asleep. I tell you what: it's not the summer heat that's been so draining; it's finding the time to even think about complaining about the abhorrent temperatures that drives me nuts...

As of now, Al and I are currently enlisted in the Kim Severson School of Arduous Geometry and Yoga (aka: frequent dressage lessons) in order to get our act together come the AECs in Chatt Hills in less than two weeks. Our goal is to put in three great phases, in hopes of impressing the selectors enough to want to send us to NED to compete abroad. Since my orginal goal to make the WEG team fell short, I have now learned that there are other, perhaps more suitable options that lay ahead. Now I know what Gary Mack meant when he said "When you get to the fork in the road, take it!" (Mind Gym...where else?) Until then guys, shoulders back, heels down, and HAVE A PLAN (but always know your options!) See ya in the start box!