Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just Falling Short

It’s been ages since I have last checked in so allow me to be brief when recounting the events from Rolex up until now. Please pardon my lack of emotion and brevity in dealing with the matters as I have had ample time to stew and delineate the experience as a whole and am quite frankly, over it. Rolex was an utter disappointment, there’s no better way to word it. Al was ready, I was ready...our fate, however was not. Jersey Fresh proved to be a half-hearted redemption for Alex and I. Although dressage and cross country were superb, I had a “crack artist” moment in the show jumping phase allowing my nerves to get to me and falling short of the clear round that Al and I constantly deliver. It just goes to show you how difficult our sport is to master, if “mastering” in that sense is even achievable. On a brighter note, I was beyond thrilled to receive the coveted Jockey Club TIP award for the highest placed OTTB and will proudly bestow my cooler to anyone who is interested. What a great program that highlights and promotes the breed and the industry on which our country is built. Obviously my dream of olympic stardom was squelched the second my air vest deployed at Rolex. However I am very happy for those who did make the team and I can understand the sheer dedication it took for them to achieve the olympic dream...and the painful disappointment of those who just fell short. Alex was given a light vacation and I was able to spend time teaching, clinic-ing and working on my other up and coming mounts who had been neglected the month prior due to my olympic preparations with Rolex and Jersey Fresh. I am excited to have a real formidable string of talented young OTTBs in my arsenal from The Big Island to Road Star in addition to my eager three-year old homebred by Comet Shine, Calling All Comets amongst other OTTBs my mother has up her sleeve. Although the whole idea of fundraising for Burghley seems a little far-fetched at the moment, I have decided to continue to push forward with plans to head to the infamous venue. Why not? I can say with utmost confidence that I am sitting on a horse that could quite possibly upset the grand scheme of things in the land of British Eventing so why not go for the gusto? I guess I had better start crunching some numbers! In the meantime I have been busily trying to catch up on sleep due to my increasingly hectic work and horse show schedule. Adding Cross-fit classes to the mix just seems to make it all the easier as I very eagerly melt into bed come nightfall. I am very pleased to announce two new sponsorships that I have acquired to my team: Nutrena and La Mundial boots. Although one focuses on the horse’s well-being and the other is more attuned to my equestrian fashion sense, both are extremely vital components to my horses’ and my success in the event world and I am beyond ecstatic to join their teams. As mid July is upon us I have increasingly become aware of the Olympic Games that loom ahead and I cannot begin to express my kudos and excitement for those representing our country both on and off the horse! Aside from the eventing, you can bet I will be tuned into NBC to watch Michael Phelps set yet another world record and add even more gold medals to his “super human” repertoire. Until next time folks, sit back, relax and hoist up the American flag...it’s times like these sharing it with the people we love the most that make me proud to be an American! Go Yankees!