Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back in the (804)...

After eleven hours and fifteen minutes (a record time for me) of driving from Ocala, FL, Team Crow's Ear finally arrived to our final destination at Deer Field Farm located in Maidens, VA. We were pleased to be welcomed by graciously warm weather, spaciously green fields, and a surprising "moo" from our new neighbor, newly born calf, Higgins. Well, if any of you know Al and his fear for cattle, which is explosive to say the least, the first question that sprang into my mind was the height of the fences surrounding the boys' pastures; because if the wind blew just the wrong way and Al had one whiff of his new tiny neighbor, we would surely find him in another county! Fortunately, Tish Bostic, Deerfield’s trusty farm manager, moved the youngster so I could unload my big and brave four star horse safely!
Since I have been “home,” the weather has been splendid, with highs soaring to the eighties and lows only reaching a mere forty. Al and I found a bountiful field that plays host to hundred of acres of vast gallop space and long, rolling hills which will be perfect for our conditioning in preparation for Rolex. So far, aside from our near “cow” sighting, all of the boys have settled into their daily routines, and are delightedly enjoying their lush green pastures in which they seldom graze but often stare in awe! Silly ponies!
So, although I have moved back north, the plan stays the same: upward and onward! Today marks a week away from The Fork CIC*** where Al is entered to compete. Tomorrow is a gallop day, and the rest of the week should be comprised of a trot set, a hack, and a few lessons (jump and flat) from fellow competitor and friend, Bonnie Mosser. As of now, the main thing I am focused on is keeping up Al’s fitness regimen that my coach Buck Davidson has carefully plotted out for us (in addition to my own), and honing in on the small intricacies within the flat work that need to be improved. The Fork, with its competitive and formidable CCI*** entry list, should be a good assessment of where Al and I stand in our rigorous training program. So until then folks, heels down, shoulders back, and start your watches! The countdown to Rolex has now begun! Tick tock tick tock.... :)