Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day Fourteen, Hong Kong Light Show

Day fourteen:

The forecasted storms for today were held back by the sun creating a very humid yet beautiful day for riding. Both buck and myself did some dressage on our horses today, working them a not harder than usual, as the competition inches closer and closer. Since the grandstand where we will be performing our dressage and show jumping test emminates a small rolex venue, I decided to start practicing early by riding al alone away from the other horses to ensure I have all of his attention. At first, random passers by and abstract objects lying aimlessly near the ring were the focus of his attention, but after twenty minutes of negotiations, al decided to participate in his workout. It all turned out well in the end, in that by the time we had finished with our workout, we had acquired so many onlookers and picture takers that al soon became numb to the idea of shying at them.

After being cooled in the indoor, al and reggie went back to the stables to be weighed, bathed, and then rested, which both greatly appreciated. While the horses took a nap, buck, kathleen, Jackie and myself headed to the cafeteria for lunch, which resulted in a surprisingly appetizing meal. Shortly after that, we headed back to the hotel where I met my mom and grandparents in the mall to do some shopping. Each corner we turned in the mall gave way to an even larger corridor if boutiques and designer shops! Talk about a shopsholics dream! Thank goodness we only had a limited time to spend.

At 5:30, the group met in front of our hotel to take the shuttle to downtown hong kong where we met dr Ober for dinner at a posh restaurant known as Spoon. The exquisitely decorated hotel peered out on the town which, as night grew upon us, the lights followed suit. As soon as we knew it, we were all having desserts over a phenominal light show which seemed to be a competition between each skyscraper over who could write their name in the sky the brightest. Certainly it would give las vegas a run for its money. The whole process was rather mezmorizing! After a wonderful evening, everyone retired to their hotel rooms for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow the horses will school some if the xc fences provided at the venue, and then do a few gallops on the track. Let's keep our fingers crossed everything keeps going as planned!

Ps. So far, the hoof and mouth disease has not affected horse
transportation going in and out if the UK. However, should changes
occur, travel agents are finding back up plans to fly the horses
elsewhere to avoid being stuck in the uk. Stay tuned for more!