Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day Ten, Goodbye England

Day ten:

Early this morning everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed and didn't even bother to wait for the sub to rise. Jackie, dr. Ober and I headed out to the barn while Mom stayed back to finish up with the last minute packing. At 7:00 sharp buck and I mounted our horses and took an hour long hack, much to the ponies' liking. When we returned back, dr Ober began administering the fluids to the boys while I returned back, picked Mom up (along with our heaps of luggage) and headed back to the farm. Soon thereafter, the vanner arrived to pick the boys up. After about a half hour if loading and adjusting, the boys were loaded, and the vanner pulled off, stocked with two American horses, an American vet, and a whole lot of American flags!

When the horses shoved off, it was our cue to head for heathrow for our 6:20 flight to hong kong. When we arrived at the ticketing counter, we received a special treat! Because the flight was overbooked, they decided to upgrade both Jackie and I to business class so we could sit with mom all for free!! Talk about a good start!

After going through a private security checkpoint and sitting in a private business class lounge, we were feeling like royalty. As I sit here typing this journal I am in a plush and spacious seat, sipping fresh squeeze orange juice and looking out my window at the tarmack. I can't imagine what else could make this day even better!

With that in mind, today marks an end to one journey and the start of a new one. I look forward to returning to England with a gold medal and lots of helpful information to relay back to the federation. Next time I'll be writing I'll be in another continent! Stay tuned!!!