Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day Twenty One, Beas River XC Comp

Day 21:

From the start today proved to be less than desired. When we arrived to the Beas river xc venue, we were informed that alex was a little colicy throughout the evening and needed fluids. However, he was fine following the fluid intake. Then the rain came and boy it came with a vengeance. The competition was numerously postponed because the ice van kept getting stuck from all the mud.

Buck was the first out on reggie and, despite feeling under the weather, had a brilliant go around adding on thirty seconds worth of time penalties onto his dressage score. After his feedback and marks advice, I was ready to go. I headed out of the box with confidence in my horse and myself but soon thereafter, my confidence plummetted when he stopped at the first real tough angled brushes on the beginning of the course. My main objective was to get his confidence following the bobble and the rest of the loop was successful with alex galloping in relaxed, steady strides. however, the second lap around, at the same exact fence, I approached it more cautiously causing him to get in too deep and stop. I was so bummed out by this but still had a job to do.
I quickly got an over the course and neatly cantered around the remainder and came home with a healthy, sound horse. ALS temp cane down the fastest of all the horses so that was nice to know.

I was very disappointed with my round. I wanted so much to prove myself on this international turf but it proved to be not so. I got myself together and met with the press, who of course poked and prodded the mistakes that occurred earlier. All I could reply was that it just wasn't our day, as I know from experience on this horses back that he and I are more than capable for the task. Chalk it up to experience. I'll be the first to show jump tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to show how its done.