Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day Sixteen: Meeting Anna

Day 16:
The clouds parted and gave way to a beautiful embazened day of sunshine. Both buck and u started our days off by jogging our horses for dr ober, happily both of which received a two thumbs up. Following the jobs, we did long dressage works, with both horse and rider coming back to the barn drenched in sweat from the thick humidity of the day.

Al was very good as we worked on keeping his hindend engaged in the counter canter with a little help from my friend the dressage whip.

Buck relayed the message to me that reggie also performed well abd that he is becoming more acclimated to the heat on a daily basis.

Additionally, as I was cooling alex down I got to meet another foreign rider from germany by the name of anna and her horse cancun. Both she and I shared riding stories reminiscent of our past and how we arrived here in hong kong.

A few hours later was our in barn inspections. Fortunately, the vets started at our end of the barn which made the wait next to none. After the in barn, I took al out on another hour long hack which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly. When I returned back to the hotel, granny gramps mom and I all took a cab to kowloon where we had an exquisite dinner at aqua overlooking the harbor of hong kong adorned with ample amounts of ships and ferries. Over dessert, we were lucky enough to witness the light show and our loud "ooooss" and "awwwws" caught many a native diners attention.

Tomorrow will be another exciting day with the highly anticipated arrival of captain mark Phillips and the first time for both buck and I being able to jump in the bain arena in the late evening. Stay tuned for more excitement!!!