Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day Eight, Honk Kong Beckons

Day eight

The time we woke up this morning and headed to the barn was so early that even the alarm clocks were sleeping in. By the time 7 am rolled around, the American team was in full swing . At 7:30 buck was the first to have a dressage lesson with mark. In just one day, both mom and I saw a vast improvement in reggies neck position and his overall demeanor. After an hour, it was als turn. What started off as a nice and easy calm session ended in a turbulent and hard working lesson.

Mark worked primarily on the canter work today, from extended to working, all within a few small steps. He changed my leg position which dramatically aided in my abilities to balance and maintain the collected canter. Overall, my lesson not only highlighted the mistakes in my riding, but more importantly, allowed me to fix them and feel exactly what mark was trying to express verbally.

Following the lessons, mark invited both buck and I, along with my mom and Jackie, to a cocktail party held at gatcombe. After we fed al his dinner, the girls and I hastily sped back to the cottage, and arranged our best outfits in hopes to be first hand witnesses to royalty.
While at the party, I was interrupted by an important conference call consisting of jim Wolfe, Sara ike, Christiana ober, buck, and myself.

The call was pertaining to hong kong and basically laid out the framework of what was to be expected. Probably the most memorable line in the whole 30 minute long conversation was eloquently delivered by Jim. When describing the weather in hong kong, Jim dramatically stated, that if I was to imagine the hottest day I've ever encountered, and multiplied it by two, then maybe, just maybe, it would be compatible to the weather we are about to experience first hand. He also added that it would rain to help cool us off, but the rain is so heavy its like someone "spraying you down with a garden hose."

This conversation made me ponder the fact that this test event isn't really testing which country is the most ready for the olympics but, rather, which country has the best type if horse that can handle such extreme situations. Personally, at the end of the day, I'm very content to be sitting on the back of a thoroughbred!

The party left a lot to be desired but u was happy to have made an appearance, and quite honestly, it was a grand excuse for us girls to get dressed up! We left the party after a short while and headed to a local restaurant, the Lodge, which was a delightful dining experience.
Tomorrow is another busy day planned with a jumping session followed by a gallop through the valley starting at 8:00 am. Tomorrow the US vet, Dr. Ober, is flying in to check on the horses and look after their overall health from now until the end of the test event. Now as I lay in bed writing my journal, next door fireworks are being fired off. To me, I see these fireworks as a premonition to what will take place next week in hong kong. Take cover other countries, for the Americans are on a mission to set the trend for what is to come in 2008!