Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day Three, Adapting to England

Day three

This morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast in " the common" as the locals call it. With full stomachs we headed to the barn where kathleen and I went on a 30 minute trot set around the glider feilds that encircles the yard. After their workouts, mom and I headed out for a run around the villages only to be stopped by a wounded pigeon
at the side of the road. Needless to say, crows ear farm has moved eastward and transformed into yet another species. The bird is alive and well thus far, however with birds, their health os increasingly capricious. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a healthy revival of our new feathered friend. Following our eventful run, we headed out to a town called tetsbury, where we were guided by a friend, mrs. Alliston through the various antique shops. When we headed back to the barn, I decided to turn alex out in our pasture. However, he only decided to stay in their for about 10 minutes. After some horses passed by, alex got the bright idea to join them. He simply took a nice trot circle, picked up a few strides of canter, and delivered the most beautiful jump I've ever seen. Up and over the wall alex went, and wider and wider my eyes grew. Fortunatley, alex found them uninteresting and allowed himself to be caught by a very worried mother. Needless to say, we decided to go hand grazing instead. Following the eye popping action at the yard, the girls and i headed out for dinner at the crown inn, a local pub in Minchinhampton. Thus, the day ended well, and was plenty action packed! Tomorrow is expected to bring more rain. Thank goodness we packed our raincoats!!! Talk to you all tomorrow!!!

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