Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day Two, Exploring England

Day Two

No time wasted today. We all woke up early this morning and headed off to the barn to see how al and reggie were. When we entered the yard we were met with pricked ears and abundant nickers from the boys, who were moretl than ready for their breakfasts. As the horses chomped down their food, we headed back to the cottage for a splendid English breakfast made by our host, Gram. Following breakfast we drove back to the barn where kathleen and I decided to go on an hour long hack with the boys to stretch their legs. We walked along the roads, with mom in her jogging shoes at our side, and experienced some of the most exquisite scenery ever sewn to the naked eye. We passed through small villages featuring quaint homes and lavish gardens. When we returned to the barn we left the horses to their lunch and shoved off to discover our new surroundings. We ended up in Cirencester, about 9 miles from marks. We walked around the town admiring the archaic churches and crowded streets filled with small cafes and vintage shops. After while, we sat down for a small lunch, which was an English staple, fish and chips. We went back to the barn, turned the horses out in their own pastures for a bit, then fed them dinner. With all this under out belts, it was time to get some sleep. Tomorrow hopefully shall be another bright sunny day, although the forecasts don't sound so optimistic. Whatever weather we receive, we will embrace it and enjoy it, for we are on a gorgeous country, accompanied with great horses and friends, and all with one goal in mind: to kick butt in hong kong!!! Stay tuned!

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