Monday, July 30, 2007

Day Seven, A Day of Dressage

Day seven

Today went pretty well. Both buck and myself had dressage lessons with mark. Buck started the two of us off with a very informative lesson. I was next a boy did I have a lot to learn! Jackie dus a wonderful job getting al groomed and tacked up for me and even brought him out to where the lessons were taking place. She has really learned a lot just un this week and equally, she has taught me how to communicate in a manner that suits her best. The lesson started out a bit difficult for me as mark had to constantly stop me to correct small, rudimentary elements of my riding that many of us take for granted. After we smoothed out the rough edges, however, the rest of the lesson seemed to be part education part entertainment. Mark was really impressed with al's explosive medium and extended trot and was overall really happy to help the both if us. So all in all the day ran quite nicely.
On a more sad sidenote, one of the girls at marks barn who we befriended earlier this week has a terrible jumping accident which resulted into her having to be air lifted to the nearest hospital in Bristol. Last word I received was that she had a catscan and the results came back clean, so she was moved into the ICU where she will remain for another week to ensure her safety. Please keep margita in your prayers.

Tomorrow mark plans to work some more dressage. Additionally, we get a sneak peak at the advanced course at gatcombe tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes!

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