Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day Four, Rain Day

Day four

The forecasted rains and winds certainly didn't disappoint today. It was coming down hard as we headed for the barn. We were met by a sad discovery; our little pigeon friend had passed away overnight. We were glad that he could spend his final moments somewhere dry and warm rather than out in the wet rain. Kathleen was sopping wet as she returned to the stables with reggie after their 40 minute troy set.

Because al has been having some troubles getting settled in, I decided to walk up some hills and finish off with some dressage and stretching to help him relax a bit. He was every bit a gentleman throughout his hour long work today so I was really pleased. However, because it was growing colder and wetter, and because of my lack of attention to englands extraordinary weather, i decided to go out and buy him a rug, since j mostly packed for the second part of our trip that takes place in hong kong. On the midst of driving to the tack shop, I was sent an email from the uset, which informed me that I was now not going to be able to wear my pinque coat, and that they would be needing back the one they gave me. I was overwhelmed and deeply upset by this e mail and called sarah, the usef eventing high performance coordinator to see what was going on. She informed me that she had made a mistake and gave me a pinque coat without asking permission. She was greatly apologetic to me, and although I was gravely disappointed, I managed to plaster a fake smile on my face, suck it up, and tell her everything was totally fine. Regardless, what I have to remember is this opportunity will be the experience of a lifetime and no pinque coat, shadbelly, or USA shields can take that away. After all, "the show must go on!"

The day ended brighter both literally and figuratively. After dinner, the wind picked up yet again, blowing the clouds away and clearing room for multiple rainbows and sunshine. I must say that England is the most magnificent land right after a great rainfall. After we dropped kathleen off, we saw a cow that looked as if she had given birth but there was no calf to be seen. Now we had already lost pit feathered freind this morning and aren't about to lose another so we jumped put of the car and ran over to the cow. The baby was in a small ditch, covered with trees and mud, and was unable to get to its mother. Some more people noticed us and pulled over and soon enough, a man and I were guiding the calf out of the hole and alongside its mother. Mommy cow was very appreciative as she took junior to a more private setting away from the humans for its first suckle. So as we say in America, "mission accomplished!"

Tomorrow buck arrives in the afternoon. The plan is that we are to jump but there is always a plan b to horses, as most of us horsepeople all-to-often end up taking. Stay tuned to see how tomorrow turns out!

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