Monday, July 23, 2007

Day One, Trip to England

Day one

We left Newark at the crack of dawn at 8 am. The ride went really smoothly as we were able to have free range of movies to view on our personal momiters in the plane. I kept hearing mom laugh out loud at some scene in wild hogs. When we landed our baggage was waiting for us outside of customs and our next focus turned to retrieving our rental car. Everything went as planned but as mom sat down in the drivers side (which is now on the right hand side) she realized that she hasn't ever driven in England!!!! After a few close calls and two dark hours later, miraculously we found our bed and breakfast, haleaze cottage. Gram, the gregarious host, settled us into our lovely room and now here I am, writing you in a new time zone, new continent, and a new opportunity to grasp. Stay tuned for more!

Ps. I hear there are many cattle around these parts, much to ALS dismay