Friday, July 27, 2007

Day Five, Sunshine!

Day five

It wasn't the sound of rain falling from the roof, nor the noisy wind crashing against the cottage that woke me up. Along with my alarm clock it was the all-to-mysterious sun who decided to greet England with her pretty smile this morning. As always graeme made us a wonderful English breakfast. Recharged and eager to start the day, mom, Jackie and I drove to the barn at an unusual rate of speed: for today was the day of our last member of the US team to arrive, my coach buck davidson. When buck arrived, we immediatley tacked the ponies up and made our way to the jump ring. Kathleen, Jackie, and mom were the jump crew, but with these two talented beasts, their job would be easy. As I was warming up for my lesson, I looked down at my horse and thought of how long he's come from that momentous day we first brought him home. I looked over at my mom, the girls, and buck and thought how cool it was to all be together in a country as beautiful as this and how thankful I am to be involved with people and animals like these. The jumping lesson was as entertaining as it was difficult. The fences were massive, but as the lesson proceeded, my pride and smile followed suit. The horses jumped with such heart I imagined there to be wings growing from their hooves. Following the amazing jump off between al and reggie, they were cooled down and fed their dinners, and the US crew went to dinner. We ate at a local pub called " the ragged cot." although the food left something to be desired, I couldnt have asked for better company. Tomorrow will be another important day, with the highly anticipated arrival of our team coach, captain mark Phillips. With als fantastic performance today, I look forward to showing England that America knows how to breed 'em best! Stay tuned!!!

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