Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Appreciation for Laine on Mazetto

Sent: Sat, 3 May 2008 6:25 pm
Subject: To the family.

Hey guys,

First off, I'd like to thank Laine for displaying a wonderous ride on
Mazetto. Laine and Mazetto completed Rolex in honour of Eleanor, and
showed what a wonderful duo those two are.

I would just like Laine and the family to know that my heart will
always be out there praying for the return of Laine. Accidents happen
when you least want them to happen. Life will be life, even when it
just SUCKS. My heart stopped when the news of Laine's lungs collapsing
came to me. She's a strong girl, and she will make it through with a
smile on her face.

Eventing, as we all know, is such a hard sport, and I believe everyone
should give their all due respect to these people who have the guts to
ride a cross country course the way they do. And the horses! to be
able to complete a dressage test and gallop a 4 mile long course with
33 jumps, AND still have the energy to consummate a course of 14 4'
jumps is just simply amazing. At the end of the day, the riders must
be exausted, which makes it even more breathtaking.

As for the dearest Frodo Baggins, the news hit me like when you jump
into ice-cold water. I just kind of stared off in space. Freak
accidents are the worse. Less than a year ago did Laine loose her
other baby boy. I still swoon over the loss of Frodo, it's terrible
that such unfortunate things will happen. But, the strong-willed horse
quietly swept away probably thinking of attempting that jump again. He
abseloutly loved it, and there is not much more you could ask to make
a devastating ending happy. He didn't leave this world weeping for the
attention that some of the top-competition horses don't get, but he
left with his muscles conditioned with love. He bathed in a life of
happiness, with many loving people surrounding him. Even though it is
simply awful that he had to leave this world so early in his career,
he atleast left knowing that he had that one special person.

Laine we all know is very sturdy, and will make it through this. It
gets worse before it gets better. Frodo may have been her one and
only, but time will come when another horse will take her breath away.
Not a replacement horse of the one-and-only Frodo Baggins, but another
big-hearted puppy.

Best of luck and much love,
Shawdi and Chestefield Stables