Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Laine's Inspiration

Sent: Sun, 4 May 2008 3:19 pm
Subject: (no subject)

Valerie and Michael,

What a wonderful job you are doing. It made me cry when I read that Laine fell asleep every night to the poster of us at the 96 Olympics. It's strange... she was 12 when I was at the games. Now, I go to events and look at her as the big time rider! I am sure she would love to know that. The bottom line is she is going to make it and her beautiful smile will brighten our days again. If she chooses to go on with her eventing career, she will be one of the handfulls of the great...because she already is. I can say from experience, she will have a hard time reading things and looking at pictures, Laine needs to just believe in who and what she is, and let the rest of it go. She will come to depend on her support group ( which I hope to be part of). You have an amazing daughter, filled with life and joy, and you are responsible for that. Bless you and your whole family...and please let Lainey know I have been watching American Idol for her....(red hills last year, ruthie kept calling me for updates and Laine was in the backround asking what was going on!!!!) Funny how she could be on there and win....Always a winner, no matter what she does..isn't that fantastic!!!!

All my love, thoughts, and prayers,
Jill Hennebrg