Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For comfort in this time

Something I wrote for You all.
I Hope it brings some comfort in this time.

My Best Friend
Who needs a Reason? You'll Always be my Best Friend.
Time has gone, You'll Still be by my side.
I'll never forget You, or any of those Times.
There's a list upon many, but why stop now?
The pasture glows in the midnight sky, I know your watching me.
Lay here, under these stars and talk to You, Just like old times.
The world isn't the limit, We've seen it all.
You kept me Safe, and We finished together.
I know You'll Always be there to cheer me on.
To whisper into my ear, when I need You Most.
I'll Miss You Best Friend.
Don't cry tears of Sorrow, For A Best Friend Never wants to see You cry.

Ride Each Day Like It's Your Last, Ride Like Your Best Friend Would Want You To.
Ride Because Your Best Friend, Will Always Be With You.

My Prayers Are With You All.