Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday 10:18am

Michael and I looked at one another and gasped with surprise! LAINE STILL HAD ALL HER TEETH! Dr. Gal said the surgery went better than expected!!!! Her mandible break was repaired with 2 plates and a screw.....she sheared a tooth but it was still there to wire her jaw straight. If she did not have the lung issue Dr. Gal said he would have sent her home!!! No exterior scars!
Yes, as I am sitting here with anticipation to see our daughter.....I feel the strength of all your e mails and phone calls....supporting Lainey and the love of our family. I can't tell you how INCREDIBLE I feel right now!!!!! The green light is bright with hope across the lake.
ALL OF YOU......thank you. Thank you for bringing us into your lives and keeping us safe. Our gallant boy Frodo I know has watched over his loving partner...and I am sure when Laine was under anesthetic....she could feel his soft muzzle nudging ever so gently on her sweet face.
Laine will be able to see us in an hour or so. I will walk confidantly down the hall thru her ICU doors.

thank you my dear dear friends. thank you.