Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Change of Heart

Hey guys!  Lainey here!  First and foremost, before I go any further I would like to send my condolences out to Karen O'Conner and the Theodore O'Conner syndicate for the untimely death of the super pony Theodore O'Conner.  I know off first hand how much Karen loved that pony as I shared the same feeling as she did from the moment I first saw her ride him.  He has been an inspiration for not only event riders, but for all horsemen alike.  He will be greatly missed.  However, I can sleep well at night knowing that he will be galloping with my beloved Jamie and Frodo in lush green pastures.
I wanted to write everyone to let you know there has been a change in my competition schedule.  After my coach Buck Davidson and his lady friend and fellow event rider Kristen Bond drove over six hours to visit me, Buck and I sat down to discuss a reasonable show schedule that would ensure my safety and build my confidence.  He decided, as rudimentary as it may seem, and much to my dismay, that I should start back doing one training level horse trials when my body decides its ready (which realistically will be near August).  He then went onto say I would do two more prelims and then finish up the year with one or two intermediates with Alex and perhaps the Florida CCI* with Seajack.  So, Fairhill is out for this year.  
As much as I didn't like hearing it, I knew Buck was right in telling me to take it slow.  So many times when we athletes become disabled, our minds feel ready before our body has time to object.  More than anything, I want to come back to the event world to be one of the best over a long period of time, not chase the clock and try and hurry my horses along to try and be the best just for the moment.  I figure that safety is my top priority as it always has been.  
So, you will be seeing me start back at the basics.  Although I don't plan on being there long, I think it will be a time for me to have fun and enjoy the sport for what it is, instead of always having loads of pressure weighing on my shoulders.  Although I don't have a schedule laid out yet, just because I don't know when I will physically be able to endure the trials of an event, I will get one out to you all as soon as I am able.  Thank you all of being so supportive throughout this time of need.  You all have inspired me to get better even faster!  Thank you once again!